We are a world-class engineering company manufacturing precision machined components, with AS 9100:2018 Rev D approval to manufacture high-quality parts for the Aerospace industry.


We have manufactured machined components for the new Airbus 380. 


The aerospace industry is technically complex and engineers innovate on products that push the limits of technology.  


As new types of high-strength, high-quality plastics and polymers are developed, the use of plastic parts in aerospace applications continues to rise.  


The flexibility and customisable nature of plastics make them especially useful for demanding applications in the aerospace industry. Plastics can even be developed with specific properties in mind, such as thermal resistance, shock resistance, chemical resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, flame retardancy, and low smoke and toxicity. 


They are often used to make aircraft more lightweight while allowing for significant cost savings and we have a range of plastics available for use in various aerospace applications, offering unique properties and benefits for this demanding sector. 

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