PTFE & Filled PTFE Products find many applications in mechanical & civil engineering. Engineering plastics have a whole array of benefits to offer, and in many cases can effectively replace metals or ceramics. 


The fantastic frictional properties of PTFE means it is an ideal material to be used. The material has very low friction coefficients with pads and slideways made from Virgin PTFE and the use of different grades of fillers can greatly improve wear resistance and friction coefficient.  


Characteristics as stated above means an advantage for PTFE in bearing applications. Due to the fact no lubricants are required, PTFE (or compounds) is often used in food industry, road (bridge) construction, support of pipe systems and heavy installation constructions. By adding PTFE to the free movable construction parts (metal, rubber and so on) shrink and expansion, due to temperature movements, will not become an issue. 


PTFE is also often used to move large and heavy constructions. We can manufacture bearing pads, slide plates, friction brakes, that can be etched and bonded onto steel, cast iron or other plastics. Pending on applications and circumstances multiple solutions can be engineered and quoted. 


dalau™ has been awarded two prestigious contracts see case studies BP Floating Oil Rig Angola and Sydney Opera House.

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