Film & Sheets

Film & Sheets

We produce the tightest tolerance PTFE films that have been developed for the exacting demands of the circuit board and semiconductor industries.


We produce exceptional high-quality film with high physical properties and skive mark-free surface finish.


Superior Thin PTFE Film


Dalau, through consistent innovation and investment, offers high precision CNC skiving capabilities to produce one of the finest toleranced films available on the market that have been developed for the exacting demands of the circuit board and semi conductor industries.


Size Range: 0.025mm to 0.50mm up to 1,500 wide


Standard Films


High-quality films for demanding industries like chemical gaskets, bearing pads, tank linings available in natural and filled grades.


As a major force in the manufacture of PTFE dalcon™ skived film and tape, we offer an extensive range of virgin and filled material that can be used for linings in large tanks and chutes for chemical, food and other industry-specific applications that require low friction surfaces with outstanding resistance to wear and corrosion.


Size Range: 0.10mm to 4.00mm thick up to 1,500mm wide


dalcon™ DFC025


Developed for the gasket industry by blending glass fibre and special additives to provide a material ideally suited to the exacting demands of the flange gasket industry. All materials have been tested to ASTM number 10 for Gasket Constants for Bolted Joint Design.


Cut Flat PTFE Sheets


These sheets have gone through a thermal stress relieving process to remove roll curl to produce perfect flat gaskets or seals when cut or stamped.


Size Range: 1.00mm to 4.00mm thick up to 1,200 x 1,200mm wide


Typical physical properties inherent are;


  • Improved creep resistance and compressive strength
  • Improved Weldability
  • Increased thermo conductivity with the introduction of carbon or coke fillers
  • Provides a low friction, corrosion resistant surfaces
  • Can be etched for bonding
  • High surface finishes
  • Excellent wear properties


The best solution for your application – available in continuous rolls, and to client specified slit-widths.


Size Range:

Superior Film: 0.025mm to 0.50mm thick up to 1,500mm wide
Standard Film: 0.10mm to 4.00mm thick up to 1,500mm wide
Cut Flat Sheets:

Moulded Sheets:

1.00mm to 4.00mm thick up to 1,200 x 1,200mm wide

5.00mm to 50.00mm thick up to 1,200 x 1,200mm wide

Skived Sheets

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