Extrusion & Moulding

Extrusion & Moulding

Dalau’s Semi-finished section manufactures and supplies high quality extruded and moulded plastic across many industries throughout the world.  Our team will work very closely with you to understand your requirements so that we can adapt our approach to suit your individual needs.


Our exceptional quality PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE, PVDF, PFA, ETFE, FEP rods are produced on our own in-house designed and built extrusion system. Mechanical properties can be improved by adding fillers such as glass fibres, bronze, carbon, and graphite. Please ask about our range of Composite blending options.


Extrusion is a process that uses a die in order to get a material with a constant cross-sectional cut. The die is what the material is pushed through in order to get the desired shape. Each product has a specific die that will create that shape and characteristics. Extrusion is used with materials such as plastic and aluminum.  Extrusion works by forcing the semi-liquid material through a shaft. At the end of the shaft is the die with the particular shape to form the desired cut. For a tube, the die will simply be a circle that the material gets pushed through.


The ram extruder for this process is a special unit that can be either horizontally or vertically oriented. The orientation refers to the direction of the ram movement. The extruder consists of a heated barrel, where the preform is loaded, and a hydraulic or screw-driven ram. A power system draws the conductor through a hollow mandrel located at the center of the barrel.


Precision Grinding


Dalau also offer a precision grinding service for those customers who require uniform toleranced rod for high speed machining. We can maintain a high level of surface finish with a consistent tolerance from batch to batch.




Dalau Dalcon 001™ PTFE compression moulding presses were custom designed for the particular moulding characteristics of PTFE resins.  Our presses produce high-quality preforms that yield finished parts with consistent mechanical properties throughout the material lot. We mould all our stock shapes in a temperature-controlled, pressurised cleanroom.



At the heart of our quality regime is our proprietary Statistical Process Control (SPC) system. Every part of our production process is recorded on SPC, allowing complex computer models to monitor and maintain high production standards, which ensures a consistently high-quality across every finished product. Samples are analysed at all stages of production, and the results are kept on computer record for a period of seven years to ensure full traceability on every extruded, moulded or skived product or machined component from raw material to the finished article.

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