Micro Components

Micro Components

Specialists in precision micro components Dalau™ typically produce components for the electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and medical industries.


As many of the components used in modern products are becoming smaller and smaller, miniaturisation is the central theme in modern fabrication technology.


Micro machining is another area in which we have invested heavily in.


Tornos Micro 8


The Micro 8 turning centre, with its ability to machine to a 1 micron tolerance, has a flexible tool arrangement for making a large variety of components in all materials even the toughest ones.


Tornos SwissNano


The SwissNano is a reliable, exact and ergonomic, enabling us to respond to the most demanding precision requests. This machine satisfies the most exact accuracy and dispersion requirements whilst guaranteeing superior finishes.


We regularly machine a wide range of fluoropolymers for customers all over the world. Our customers depend on our machining expertise as well as our outstanding delivery performance to machine the highest quality parts.

Micro Machining

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