Cost, reliability and quality are important factors in the medical industry.


Whether we’re producing medical implants, drug contact parts or surgical components, as medical component manufacturers we can work to the smallest of sizes with the tightest of tolerances. 


2022 has us maintaining production to meet the ever increasing demand from more than 20 major multinational customers who manufacture ventilators, blood analysis machines, vaccine development companies, who specifically targeted Covid-19, intensive care equipment makers, laboratory equipment suppliers and more. 


Our portfolio includes: Blood Clot Filters, Artificial Joints, Ultr-pure DNA analysis components, Syringe Sealers, Ear Grommets. 


Our robust inspection processes and attention to detail give our clients complete confidence that the products we create will perform consistently and safely time and again in sterile environments.  


Designing and manufacturing medical parts imposes great responsibility upon you as the manufacturer. To treat patients safely, your every component must meet the highest medical requirements in terms of functionality, reliability and process stability. 


Our expertise in precision machined components had us supplying dalcon™ PTFE pistons for the Dose Pro, a needle-free injection device developed by Zogenix Inc in the USA. 

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    As we continue to forge successful working partnerships around the globe, our customers remain satisfied with our commitment to constantly providing the highest quality products in a timely, professional way.