We specialise in the extrusion of fluoropolymer rod, high quality skived films and the precision machining of plastic components in all engineering plastics for a range of industries worldwide.


Our aim is to maintain a high level of flexibility and adaptability when delivering our products, whether the requirement is for small or large quantities. Our world-renowned range of PTFE is produced under the dalcon™ trademark.

Our Products


Extruded Rod

Dalau specialises in thermoplastic extrusion, with over 60 years’ experience in producing high-performance thermoplastic materials used in harsh chemical and high-temperature environments.

Moulded Rod

We produce a wide range of PTFE moulded rods and tubes, in a variety of sizes, in natural and filled grades and all produced to a high standard under the dalcon™ trademark.

Film & sheets

Some of the tightest tolerance PTFE films have been developed by our experts for the exacting demands of the circuit board and semiconductor industries.

Machined Components

Machined Components

We precision machine thermoplastic components in all engineering plastics produced to the medical, electronic, and aerospace industries most stringent technical specifications.

Micro Components

Our high tech machining capabilities allow us to produce over 100 million PTFE dalcon™ and other thermoplastic micro machined components a year, making us a leader in our field.


Investment in state-of-the-art machining centres, design expertise and our product quality, governed by an in-house designed computerised Statistical Process Control (SPC) system, means we meet our customers' highest expectations around the world.

Wafer Carriers

With our extensive range of standard and bespoke Wafer Carriers, we offer unique solutions for the washing and conveying of semiconductor wafers.

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As we continue to forge successful working partnerships around the globe, our customers remain satisfied with our commitment to constantly providing the highest quality products in a timely, professional way.