Design & Development

Design & Development

Dalau Limited has been a leading manufacturer of engineered thermoplastics and high performing fluoropolymer products since 1955.  Our skillfull development and engineering designs meet a robust portfolio of products and is trusted by a loyal list of customers from all over the globe as we strive to stay on the forefront of innovation.


Our extensive knowledge of fluoropolymer enables us to provide consulting services derived from a hands-on approach with advanced equipment processes and product development, as well as marketing experience in a wide range of areas.


Service Areas



  • Materials selection among high-performance polymers include – PTFE, PEEK, PFA, PVDF, PCTFE and other polymers
  • Identifying the appropriate high-performance candidates for your application
  • Developing test protocols and interpreting test results in order to uncover a match with performance criteria
  • Formulating blends to provide specific product features, such as increased flexibility, conductivity, high temperature resistance etc., based on the available pool of standard materials
  • Design product profile to meet manufacturability and product design goals


Thermal & Electrical Conductivity

  • Heat transfer products that operate in chemically aggressive environments at high temperatures and under cryogenic conditions
  • Identify conductivity enhancing fillers with consideration of shape factors, chemical and physical structures, and are compatible with the matrix of the base polymer
  • Processing technologies to maximize the intended impact of filler
  • Optimize formulation of blends to achieve the best balance of native component properties


Experience in Design:


We have dedicated and experienced CAD design engineers who can provide full design solutions to serve a wide range of industries and requirements.

Support focused on new component design and improvement of existing component design developments; utilising our comprehensive machining and engineering know-how.


Bespoke Design Expertise

Our support in design expertise includes, but is not limited to:


  • Complete bespoke design and validation for a wide range of PTFE components to meet the customer’s environmental and physical requirements.
  • Design of tooling & fixtures for prototype component development to simulate customer applications, repeatability and cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing methods.
  • Design of 3D models and detailed technical drawings based on customer brief, questionnaires, customer sketches and customer samples.

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