Moulded Rods

PTFE Moulded Rod & Tube

We produce a wide range of PTFE moulded rod and tube in a variety of sizes in natural and filled grades all produced to a high standard under the dalcon™ trademark.


We hold a large stock inventory of moulded ptfe rods, ptfe tubes and ptfe extruded rod to meet your requirements.


Moulded Rod                25mm to 275mm diameter, up to 500mm length

Moulded Tube               42mm to 300mm external diameter, up to 500mm length


We offer a variety of colours and fillers: glass, carbon, coke, graphite, anti-static, bronze, MoS2 and special blends to customer specifications.


We retain complete control of the manufacturing process, whilst converting dalcon™ PTFE compounds into semi-finished stock. This ensures the highest standards of finished product presenting a unique combination of properties to provide performances unparalled by other polymers or metals.


All our compounds offer exceptional characteristics in meeting extreme customer application requirements including.


  • High chemical resistance
  • Covers a wide working temperature range
  • Low co-efficient of friction to solid
  • Extreme dielectric properties
  • Comprehensive strength and durability


All virgin & mixed compounds offer high purity and inertness in the end product

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