Dalau Ltd’s response to Ukraine invasion

10/03/22 News
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Due to concerns and in response to the ongoing Russian and Ukraine conflict, the management of Dalau Ltd has reviewed and unanimously decided to take the following actions:

Dalau Ltd has ceased its partnerships and interactions with Russian companies. This includes interactions with Dalau Ltd management,  Dalau Ltd Sales team and activities.

  1. Russian companies/customers and their partners shall not partake in further meetings or decisions related to manufacturing their components at  Dalau Ltd or any associated manufacturing activities.
  2.  Dalau Ltd will not conduct oversight nor engage with entities in Russia.
  3.  Dalau Ltd’s 9100, 13485, 9001, 14001 and 45001 Quality Certificates with Russian customers are no longer recognised.

The ongoing conflict will continuously be monitored, and the actions will remain in place until key country sanctions have been lifted or resolved by the UK Government.

Any questions regarding these actions can be directed to David Sage, Dalau Ltd MD or Rajen Panchal, Dalau Ltd QSM.

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